Clinical BioBanking

The Technology Changing the Face of Blood Banking

We take pride in providing over 20 years of products and services in the blood banking industry. Since our first automated cellular processing system, the AXP® System, was released in 2006, ThermoGenesis has been a market leader in the development and commercialization of automated technologies for cell-based therapeutics and bioprocessing. With over 300 BioArchive Systems and 500 AXP® Systems sold, we continue to be the critical supplier of devices and disposables used in the processing of cord blood samples for the largest and most prestigious cord blood banks worldwide. Our Systems are used in 37 countries and greater than 1 million cord blood units have been processed to date.

AXP® II System

A closed automated sterile system that consistently and efficiently processes the stem cell-rich buffy coat from umbilical cord blood. The system reduces a unit of cord blood to a precise volume with precision, safety and confidence. The AXP® System provides superior control and traceability of your cord blood banking process.

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BioArchive® System

Precise and dependable preservation, tracking and retrieval of high value cells. The BioArchive® System is the world’s leading system for preserving and protecting high value cells. It uses proven computer-controlled technology and tracking software to provide the best protection for today’s valuable samples to meet tomorrow’s cell therapy needs.

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Manual Processing Systems for Cord Blood

Manual processing bags for standard manual technique. We offer a range of bag sets to fit your current cord blood processing needs.

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