Cellular Processing

Technology for Cord Blood Banking, Cell Processing, and Beyond

Since our first automated cellular processing system, the AXP­® System, released in 2006, ThermoGenesis Holdings has been a market leader in the development and commercialization of automated and semi-automated technologies to provide the sensitivity as well as the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of a broad base of cell processing applications.

AXP® II System

A closed automated sterile system that consistently and efficiently processes the stem cell-rich buffy coat from umbilical cord blood. The system reduces a unit of cord blood to a user defined end volume with precision, safety and confidence.

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X-BACS™ Technology

An improvement in quality and processing time over standard cell selection systems, Buoyancy-Activated Cell Sorting (BACS) utilizes microbubble technology to select cells and cell subsets from blood and blood products.

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X-LAB® System

A density media free, semi-automated closed processing system for the rapid isolation and enrichment of cells from blood and blood products.

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X-WASH® System

A semi-automated closed system for rapid washing and concentration of cellular suspensions. Whether you want to do a single or multiple washes, the X-WASH® System combines speed with performance to streamline your process.

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