Cell washing, media exchanges, and volume reduction in a simple, yet effective, automated system.


Cell Washing with the PXP®-LAVARE System

The PXP®-LAVARE System is designed to wash, re-suspend and volume reduce cell suspensions in a sterile, closed system. Volume manipulation, supernatant or media exchange, and cell washing can occur without comprising cell viabilities and still maximizing cell recoveries. Highly sensitive sensors in the PXP-LAVARE Control Module can detect the interface between cells and media and direct the washed cells into a dedicated harvest chamber. The harvest chamber can be pre-filled with media of choice for re-suspension of harvested cells. The DataTrak software enables seamless transfer of process data from the Control Module to a dedicated database in order to provide GMP-compliant monitoring and reporting of process information.

Cell Washing Perfected

The PXP-LAVARE System is a simple, yet powerful sedimentation-based system that allows for controlled washing, multiple media exchanges, and volume reduction of a cellular sample into fresh media. With ThermoGenesis’ multi-sensor detection technology within the Control Module, the system allows for precise harvests of the washed cells by detecting the pellet supernatant interface, which allows for the transfer of the concentrated cell pellet into a separate harvest chamber.

Complete System Solution

• PXP-LAVARE Disposable Cartridge
• PXP-LAVARE Control Module
• PXP-LAVARE Docking station
• DataTrak Software
• Accessories

Exceptional Results

• Dependably high recoveries
• Rapid washing of sample in minutes
• Automated, sterile, closed system
• Reliable separation and collection of desired cells
• Seamless data tracking and documentation


INDICATION: The ThermoGenesis PXP®-LAVARE System is used to wash and/or concentrate cell suspensions.

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