Common Queries About Our Automated Cellular Technology and Techniques

Currently we only offer shipping within the US and Canada. Please reach out to request a quote if your are outside the US or Canada or contact your local distributor here.

If your country is not listed, more than likely ThermoGenesis distributes to that country directly. Please contact ThermoGenesis at for sales inquires.

Additional equipment required but not supplied for use with the X-SERIES® line of products are:

  • Compatible centrifuge
  • Tube sealer
  • Scale (1 KG)
  • Tube Welder (optional for closed system processing)
  • Windows 7/10 computer for DataTrak software installation

Yes. Each product has a tailored preventative maintenance (PM) checklist that our certified technicians perform every year. If you are interested in obtaining a plan for your devices, please contact for a quote.

No. Physicians will need to purchase trocar, anticoagulant, and syringes (luer-lok) separately.

The PXP® System is only intended to be used for bone marrow processing.

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