X-WASH® System

The X-WASH® System is designed for rapid washing, reformulation, and volume-reduction of cell suspensions within a sterile single-use disposable.

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Where State of the Art and Simplicity Meet

Our cell washing technology provides researchers with a high-quality product and confidence to rapidly wash high value cells in a functionally closed-system.


Cell Washing, Clean and Simple

The X-WASH® is a simple, yet powerful sedimentation-based system that allows for controlled separation, washing, and volume-reduction of a cellular sample into fresh media. Utilizing ThermoGenesis’ multi-sensor detection technology, the system precisely harvests the washed cells by detecting the pellet-supernatant interface allowing for transfer of the pellet into a separate, harvest chamber.


Dependability Matters
Minimize human errors and maximize cell recovery by processing cell suspensions in a functionally closed-system without the need for membrane filters or multiple transfers.

High Throughput Processing
Wash cellular samples within minutes using an automated, sterile system with the ability to process 4 units simultaneously in a commercially available centrifuge.

The system utilizes specialized infrared sensor technology located in Control Module sensor tower to accurately and precisely harvest the cellular sample into a secure compartment.

Data Collection and Documentation
Secure valuable processing data in barcode compatible, easy to use storage and retrieval database that allows for traceability of all aspects of the operation. The data, captured by the DataTrak software, provides a processing report archiving information in a user-friendly format.

The X-WASH® System can be configured to accommodate a range of cellular samples and can be adjusted to provide unique outputs specific to processing needs.


Complete System Solution

  • X-WASH® Disposable Cartridge
  • X-WASH® Control Module
  • X-WASH® Docking station
  • X-SERIES® DataTrak Software
  • X-Mixer
  • X-WASH® Accessory Kit


Fast, Reliable Results

  • Dependably high recoveries (>85%)
  • Rapid washing of sample in ≤15 minutes
  • Automated, sterile, functionally-closed system
  • Reliable separation and collection of desired cells and supernatant
  • Seamless data tracking and documentation


Disclaimers and Indications 

ThermoGenesis Corp. X-SERIES™ line of products such as the X-WASH® and X-LAB® System (Systems) are general purpose laboratory equipment labeled or promoted for a specific medical use, which are not subjected to pre-market clearance or approval by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The safety and effectiveness of these devices for in vivo indications for use have not been established. Therefore, cells that are processed using these Systems that are intended for therapeutic use(s) or vaccine(s) may require advance clearance or approval by the U.S. FDA, which is the sole responsibility of the user.


The ThermoGenesis X-WASH® System is general purpose laboratory equipment to be used to wash and/or concentrate cell suspensions.


The X-SERIES® Systems are now exclusively available for purchase through Corning Life Sciences. Learn more.

Working with the X-WASH® System

Cell Separation

The X-WASH® System is an automated cellular washing and concentration system with a sterile fluid path. The system uses a combination of disposable and electromechanical components to reliably wash and harvest the cells into resuspension media of choice.

The X-WASH® Control Module employs highly accurate sensors to separate the cellular product in the Disposable Cartridge’s two chambers (central processing chamber and harvest chamber) for precise separation of cells from supernatant and maximized contaminant reduction.



Source material is transferred to the X-WASH® Disposable Cartridge via sterile welding or dual spike ports. The 150-micron clot filter located on the input line allows for removal of clumps and promotes a single cell suspension for processing. After transfer, the input line is removed, then the Cartridge is attached to the X-WASH® Control Module, balanced with another Disposable and Control Module set or an X-Counterweight and X-Balance Ring accessories, and the Control Module is activated prior to centrifugation.

The X-WASH® System is used in conjunction with a commercially available linkable centrifuge that allows for optimal component sedimentation and separation. During centrifugation, the cellular product is sedimented within the main chamber towards the end of the process, then the cellular product is delivered to the harvest chamber.

The harvested cellular fraction can be removed from the Disposable Cartridge by sterile welding to a transfer bag or by syringe.

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