3D Bag Set

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The 3D Bag Set is intended to be used for the freezing and storing of buffy coat.



The 3D Bag Set is a single-use sterile disposable bag set that allows for storage of concentrated buffy coat and addition of a cryoprotectant. The 3D Bag Set contains a sterile filter, for addition of cryoprotectant directly into the buffy coat, and a two-compartment freezing bag to store the final sample. The input tubing of the 3D Bag Set can be sterile connected to a disposable container or via a luer connector in order to facilitate the transfer of the buffy coat into the freezing bag compartment using gravity and air compression. After the cryoprotectant is introduced and mixed with the buffy coat, the freezing bag is tube sealed and prepared for freezing and cryogenic storage. 






  • A label can be placed on the freezing bag (Catalog # 8-5124)
  • Writing on the freezing bag is not recommended
  • The freezing bag consists of two separable compartments and the fluid channels between the two chambers can be sealed prior to freezing. The larger compartment is four times the capacity of the smaller compartment
  • The recommended fill volume of the freezing bag is 24-26 mL (including cryoprotectant)
  • Sold in Quantity of 20 per box 


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