X-MINI® Selection Kit

Isolate cells through buoyancy-activated cell sorting (X-BACS™) technology for highly-purified preparation of target cells for your downstream applications.

Ordering the X-MINI® Selection Kit


Elevate Your Cell Selection Process with X-BACS™ Technology

Our buoyancy-activated cell sorting (X-BACS™) technology offers researchers a novel way to select cells by combining the specificity of monoclonal antibodies and microbubbles. Isolate cells from a variety of sources –PMBC, dissociated tissues, whole blood, buffy coats and more. Fast, easy and gentle.


Microbubble Characteristics

  • Our X-BACS™ Reagent is a lipid-based, streptavidin coated microbubbles that are gas filled and exhibit buoyancy when reconstituted
  • When paired with a biotinylated antibody, cell selection can occur by floating selected cells to the surface during centrifugation while pelleting unwanted cells
  • Our microbubbles are tailored made and fine-tuned for cell separation
  • Unlike other selection platforms, there is no toxic exposure to iron from other bead-based systems
  • Isolated cells are highly purified and ready for downstream use


The X-BACS™ Advantage

  • Magnet-free – no need to buy additional expensive components
  • Gentle on cells – cells are gently floated for separation
  • Column-free – the cells are carried and separated by microbubbles directly in the vessel
  • Consistent – obtain viable, functional cells with reproducible results


ThermoGenesis X-MINI® Selection Kit product line is being continually updated with new microbubble cell separation products.


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Working with the X-MINI® Selection Kits

How Does X-BACS™ Work?

X-BACS™  presents a novel method for selecting specific cell types from human blood products: Buoyancy-Activated Cell Sorting (BACS).

Users start with blood or blood products such as whole blood, bone marrow, cord blood or MNC (mononuclear cell) fraction derived from the blood product. A biotinylated antibody to the antigen on the surface of the user’s desired cell type (positive selection) or to the antigens on the surface of the unwanted cell types (negative selection) is added to the cell suspension and briefly incubated to attach the antibody to the target cells.

Next, X-BACS™ Reagent containing streptavidin-coated lipid microbubbles are added to the solution; the microbubbles attach to the biotinylated antibody-targeted cells during another brief incubation. Once the microbubbles and targets cells are attached, the cell mixture is centrifuged to separate the unwanted/non-target cells: the gas-filled buoyant microbubble-linked target cells rise to the top of the solution, while the non-target cells concentrate at the bottom of the vessel.

The user then removes the microbubble selected cell fraction from the container and degases the microbubbles to eliminate buoyancy either manually or using ThermoGenesis’ X-MINI Pressor. Further wash, activation, or other manipulation steps may be performed at the user’s discretion.


X-MINI® Selection Kit Components Include:

  • Biotinylated Antibody
  • X-BACS™ Buffer
  • X-BACS™ Reagent
  • Syringe
  • Needles
  • Caps
X-MINI Selection Kit Accessories
  • X-MINI Pressor





X-MINI Selection Kits in the Pipeline for 2019/2020


ThermoGenesis embraces collaborations with academic institutions and industry partners to develop the best products for their specific applications. Co-developments are welcomed for new applications, or customizing off-the-shelf solutions based on our available technologies. To explore a partnership with ThermoGenesis, please contact our business development team.

X-MINI® Training Video

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