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Transient Warming Events and the Effects on Cell Viability

When it comes to cell processing and cell manufacturing, it’s extremely important that samples are collected and stored properly so that they retain the greatest viability for use in the future. As you can imagine, there are some logistical challenges associated with cryopreserving samples at just the right temperature for an extended period of time, … Continued

Getting to Know Our Employees: Rob Yadon Technical Service Engineer

Rob, currently a Technical Service Engineer, has been with ThermoGenesis for more than 30 years. He was drawn to the company in its initial stages, when it was still known as InstaCool and, after being hired on as a temp on the heels of his college graduation, joined the team as a Mechanical Engineer.  Since … Continued

Red Blood Cells and the Effects of Cell Processing

What is Cell Processing Cell processing is the practice of concentrating, selecting and/or culturing cells from blood or blood products, for example bone marrow or cord blood, that can then be used to treat diseases.  The process begins with the collection of the blood or blood product (sample) from a person at a hospital or … Continued

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