BACS: What to Consider When Sorting Cell Populations

    Cell separation is an essential part of the manufacturing process for CGT cell therapies like CAR-T. To get the best results, cell samples must be purified and prepared properly. Purifying cells is achieved by a different approaches (positive selection, negative selection, etc.) which all can use different methodologies to accomplish their goals. Some of the … Continued

The Different Approaches to Cell Sorting in the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process

Cell and gene therapy is growing and new therapies are rapidly evolving , leading to an increase in the demand for efficient and effective cell therapy manufacturing. Each step in the process must be meticulously carried out in order to achieve the best possible results, increasing the likelihood of effectiveness for certain therapies. This begins … Continued

The Importance of Trust in a Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) CDMO Relationship

Personalized treatments are the wave of the future in medicine. With regenerative medicine treatments like CAR-T cell therapy receiving FDA approval, the demand for the manufacturing of cell therapies is only going to continue to grow. However, there are unique logistical challenges in the cell therapy manufacturing process that are preventing these treatments from becoming … Continued

CDMO: The Importance of Closed Systems in the Manufacturing Process

  Cell-based therapies are growing in popularity and are in higher demand, creating a need for scalability in manufacturing. There are several challenges associated with the mass production of cell therapies, the most concerning of which being the safety and efficacy of the manufacturing process to ensure patients are receiving the highest-quality treatment. Utilizing automated, … Continued

CDMO: The Rise of End-to-End Services

The use of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) services has risen in recent years due to challenges associated with cell manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies derive many benefits from working with an experienced CDMO partner who can help navigate the process of scaling and commercializing a product, and this practice is becoming increasingly popular. In addition, … Continued

ThermoGenesis BioArchive System: The Best Smart Storage Solution for the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process

A key element of all cell and gene therapies (CGTs) is cryopreservation, the controlled freezing of cell samples. In cell therapy manufacturing, cell samples are collected and stored for future use, often for decades, so the proper collection, cryopreservation and retrieval of these samples is essential for safe and effective CGTs. In addition, it’s also … Continued

Obstacles Preventing GMP Cell Therapy from Becoming Mainstream

Cell and gene therapies (CGT) are gaining greater popularity in the community as viable regenerative medicine options. Although there has been a lot of progress made in a relatively short amount of time, there are challenges to overcome before these treatments can become more mainstream. As a solution to the concerns with rapid, scalable manufacturing, … Continued

Cryopreservation: A Key Element in the Successful Delivery of GMP Cell Therapies

The Importance of Cryopreservation in GMP Cell Therapy Cryopreservation is a process that preserves cells and tissues by freezing samples to very low temperatures over a period of time. It’s important to the cell therapy manufacturing process because cell samples need to be properly stored in order to maintain their viability and functionality later down … Continued

CDMO: An Approach for Scalability and Manufacturing

Over the last few decades, cell therapies, such as stem cell and CAR-T, have become increasingly important in fighting cancer and are therefore creating a need for cell therapy companies to make these life-saving products available at a larger scale. Cell therapies have become personal, that is they can be tailor made to be an … Continued

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