Freezing Bag

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For the long-term storage of 25 mL cryopreserved concentrated blood components.



Each sterile set consists of a two-compartment, three-dimensional 25 mL freezing bag and a tubing lead terminating in a spike. The freezing bag has been designed to assure a homogenous, controlled freezing rate for maximum cell viability. The design simultaneously reduces the possibility of bag breakage from thermal, dynamic or expansion forces.

  • Freezing bag is compliant with AABB Standard for integral segments cryopreserved with product, enabling additional testing prior to transfusion.
  • Two separable compartments allow for a 4:1 division of contents, allowing a consistent volume aliquot for ex vivo cell expansion.
  • Compatible with liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage. Three-dimensional bag design ensures a homogenous, controlled freezing rate for maximum cell viability.
  • Freezing bag is uniquely compatible with DMSO/Dextran and liquid nitrogen storage in ThermoGenesisÔÇÖ BioArchive┬« System
  • Compatible with the Cell Wash/Infusion Bag Set (PN 791-03).
  • Bag sold separately for connection to other processing sets.
  • Tubing is RF or heat sealable.



Freezing bags and bag sets that are manufactured by Pall Corp. are sold by ThermoGenesis Corp. in Asia, Latin America, Middle East, India and Africa and by Pall Corp. in North America and Europe. Freezing bags and bag sets for Japan are manufactured and distributed by Nipro Corporation.

Information and photo courtesy of Pall Corp.


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