Point-of-Care Solutions

Processing High Quality Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)

Our PXP® System technology for bone marrow concentrate is highly innovative pairing speed and performance. Bone marrow concentration processed by PXP® System provides clinicians with a highly precise concentrated, RBC reduced, and HSC enriched fraction in less than 20 minutes.

PXP® System

A semi-automated closed processing system released in 2018 for the rapid concentration of high value stem cells from bone marrow aspirate.

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MXP™ System

The MarrowXpress™ (MXP™) System is one of ThermoGenesis’ original bone marrow concentration systems and part of the AutoXpress® Platform. A automated, fully closed, sterile system that volume-reduces bone marrow to a user-defined volume in less than 1 hour, while retaining over 90% of the mononuclear cells (MNC). This product has been replaced by the PXP® System and is now discontinued.

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