CAR-TXpress™ Platform

Transform Your Manufacturing Approach

With revolutionary cell-based therapies, such as CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor T-cell) for cancer becoming a reality, developers must address a key challenge: how to manufacture high-quality, clinical-grade cell therapies at commercial scale to provide these groundbreaking treatments to as many patients as possible. Traditional cell processing methodologies are manual and time consuming, presenting an obstacle to large-scale manufactures of adoptive cell therapies.

In contrast, ThermoGenesis Holdings is keeping up with the fast-past field by developing the CAR-TXpress™ Platform designed to automate many of the manual steps involved in cell processing. A multi-system package to provide a stream-lined solution for cell processing, selection, washing, and cryopreservation. The CAR-TXpress Platform can provide a comprehensive and commercially viable, semi-automated cellular manufacturing and control (CMC) solution for the development of CAR-T and CAR-NK therapeutics.

CAR-TXpress eliminates the use of density gradient media for isolation and replaces magnetic bead-based systems used for selection procedures, thereby dramatically reducing processing time and increasing cell recoveries, in order to significantly reduce the overall manufacturing time and cost and increase the yield/efficiency of high value samples.

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The CAR-TXpress™ Platform

X-LAB® System for Cell Enrichment and Isolation

A semi-automated, functionally-closed, density media-free system for the rapid isolation of mononuclear cells from various sources, including whole blood, bone marrow aspirates and leukapheresis products.

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X-BACS® for Cell Selection

A semi-automated, functionally-closed system that employs microbubbles to isolate target cells through buoyancy-activated cell sorting (BACS). These microbubbles bind specifically to the desired target cells increasing their buoyancy. Subsequent collection of the floating target cells coated with microbubbles provide a highly-purified preparation of target cells, with high recovery efficiency and cell viability. This product is currently research use only, and developments are underway for GMP-grade reagents.

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X-WASH® System for Washing and Reformulation

A semi-automated, functionally-closed system that separates, washes, and volume-reduces cells or cell cultures to a customized volume for tailored downstream applications. The cells of interest never leave the cartridge and can be washed multiple times minimizing cell loss.

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BioArchive® System for Cryogenic Cellular Product Storage

An automated, controlled-rate, liquid nitrogen freezer intended for the cryopreservation and single-cassette based storage of clinical samples. The BioArchive provides customers who need cryogenic cellular product storage (-196°C) with a solution that combines the individualized sample storage/retrieval capacity and real-time chain of custody management.

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