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POSITION: Principal Scientist

DEPARTMENT: Scientific Affairs

POSTING DATE: January 30, 2020

Responsibilities and Duties

This position will be responsible for leading independent therapeutic development projects to meet the company’s needs in the areas of CAR-T immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and other cell-based therapeutic fields.

  • Lead multi-disciplinary laboratory team
  • Strong design of experiment capabilities
  • Designing R&D studies and performing in-vitro and in-vivo bench experiments to develop clinical protocols
  • Validation of biological elements of developed clinical protocols
  • Improve existing protocols and procedures and develop new applications and products
  • Review internal protocols and reports to support internal and external R&D projects
  • Knowledge and past experiences to procedures, instructions and policies in compliance with GLP and cGTPs is preferred
  • Adhere to procedures, instructions and policies in compliance with GLP and cGTPs.
  • Prepare scientific manuscripts, white papers and posters to publish in peer-reviewed journals and support marketing activities
  • Experience in human immunology, hematology and cancer biology, strongly preferred

Qualifications and Skills

  • Ph.D. in life sciences with at least 5-8 years of professional experience. Targeted areas of research should include bioactivity analysis of stem, progenitor or therapeutic cell(s), identification of surrogate markers for cell target bioactivity, understanding of on-target and off target implications of therapeutics under research cell analysis techniques: including culture techniques such as cell isolation, characterization, culture and maintenance, bioactivity assays, genetic stability testing, potency and viability assays
  • Cell analysis techniques:  including advanced flow-cytometry, hemocytometry, and immunofluorescence
  • Experience with assay development and immunology is also highly desired
  • Experience translating bench top experiments into pre-clinical animal models and pre-clinical animal models into early phase human clinical studies
  • Must be able to review scientific databases and accumulate information on relevant clinical trial programs
  • Knowledge of intellectual property development is highly desirable
  • Experience in preparation of grant applications and technical reports is desirable
  • Must be able to professionally represent the company at national and international scientific conferences, meetings and customer sites

 If you are interested and meet these qualifications, please write a cover letter to officially apply for the new position.  The cover letter should clearly explain your interest in the job and delineate how you are qualified for the job.  Email letter along with resume to Human Resources at hr@thermogenesis.com.

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