PXP® System

Our point-of-care cell therapy technology provides clinicians rapid bone marrow concentrate with high stem cell yield and minimal residual red blood cell contamination.

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Precision is Key.

Clinicians can now be confident in the product they are providing to their patients. We focus in a unique way on the reduction of red blood cell contamination in the final bone marrow concentrate while maintaining high hematopoietic stem cell and progenitor cell populations.


Quality Required, PXP® Delivers 

Efficient Automation
Achieves high stem and progenitor cell recoveries with low residual red blood cell contamination without cell separation media or sedimentation agent.

Quick and Simple
Rapid concentration of bone marrow in less than 20 minutes using a automated sterile system with the ability to process multiple bone marrow units simultaneously.

Harvest a precise volume of cell concentrate from a sample of bone marrow aspirate using a specialized infrared sensor tower located in the PXP® Control Module.

Persistent Quality Control
Maintain supreme documentation with the DataTrak software. DataTrak provides quick and accurate data tracking and documentation specific to each bone marrow sample processed.


Complete System Solution

• PXP® Disposable Cartridge
• PXP® Control Module
• PXP® Docking station
• PXP® DataTrak Software
• Accessories


Consistent, High Quality Results

• Consistently high MNC and CD34+ recoveries
• Rapid concentration of bone marrow in less than 20 minutes
• Greater than 98% RBC depletion
• Automated, sterile system
• Reliable collection of all fractions: bone marrow concentrate*, red blood cells and plasma
• Quick and accurate data tracking and documentation



*The bone marrow concentrate prepared by this device has not been evaluated for any clinical indications. The safety and effectiveness of this device for in vivo indications for use have not been established.


Working with the PXP® System

Cell Separation

By utilizing a multi-sensor detection technology, the system precisely reduces the amount of red blood cells in the initial bone marrow aspirate yielding a volume reduced, targeted stem cell enriched bone marrow concentrate ready for reintroduction in less than 20 minutes.

The PXP® System is an automated, sterile bone marrow separation and concentration system. The system uses the power of highly sensitive sensors in the Control Module that reliably depletes red blood cells from the initial patient bone marrow aspirate and provides an enriched stem cell bone marrow concentrate.

The PXP® System separate the bone marrow aspirate into three chambers (central processing chamber, red blood cell depletion chamber, and the harvest chamber) for maximum separate of components and does not required the use of density gradient media.




Bone marrow aspirate is transferred to the PXP® Disposable Cartridge by syringe. The clot filter located on the input line allows for removal of bone spicules and promotes a single cell suspension for processing. The input line is removed, and the disposable is ready for processing. The PXP® Disposable Cartridge is then latched on to the PXP® Control Module and turned on prior to centrifugation.

The PXP® System is used injunction with a commercially available linkable centrifuge that allows for optimal component stratification and separation. During centrifugation, the bone marrow aspirate is stratified, red blood cells are transferred into the depletion chamber, and the bone marrow concentrate is delivered to a harvest chamber all within 20 minutes.



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