Getting to Know Our Production Supervisor – Rosalind Castor

Rosalind Castor has been with the company for many years, and is currently serving in a role as Production Supervisor. For her, it’s a privilege to have been a part of the company’s growth, and to be able to make what she considers to be a small contribution to the larger mission of our company … Continued

Getting to Know Our Employees: Rob Yadon Technical Service Engineer

Rob, currently a Technical Service Engineer, has been with ThermoGenesis for more than 30 years. He was drawn to the company in its initial stages, when it was still known as InstaCool and, after being hired on as a temp on the heels of his college graduation, joined the team as a Mechanical Engineer.  Since … Continued

Getting to Know Our Director of Accounting – Renee Ruecker

Renee Ruecker, currently our Director of Accounting, has been with ThermoGenesis for over 20 years. She joined our team after spending a decade in public accounting, when she was looking to make a shift in her career. Renee wanted to be a part of a smaller company where she could really make an impact by … Continued

Getting to Know Our Vice President of Operations – Mindy Wilke-Douglas 

Mindy Wilke-Douglas, currently the Vice President of Operations, has been with ThermoGenesis since 2008. During a company-wide restructuring, she went back to the academic field, but eagerly accepted the opportunity to return when it became available. That’s how much she believes in the mission of the company and in the passion and work ethic that … Continued

Making Life-Saving Therapies Accessible: An Interview With Our CEO

Innovation begins with curiosity – a desire to learn all that there is to know about a topic and then apply that knowledge for the benefit of others. Dr. Chris Xu, the CEO of ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc., is someone whose life-long curiosity has led to a mission of making life-saving therapies accessible to patients around … Continued

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