Getting to Know Our Director of Accounting – Renee Ruecker

Renee Ruecker, currently our Director of Accounting, has been with ThermoGenesis for over 20 years. She joined our team after spending a decade in public accounting, when she was looking to make a shift in her career.

Renee wanted to be a part of a smaller company where she could really make an impact by helping to streamline internal processes and she found her home at ThermoGenesis. In this interview, she shared with us some of her most memorable moments with the company and where she sees us headed in the future.


During Your Time at ThermoGenesis, What Has Been Your Most Memorable Moment?

Since I’ve been here for over 20 years, it’s hard to nail down just one moment. What first comes to mind are the faces of the people I’ve worked with, celebrating the completion of a big project, or meeting a major deadline, and the celebrations we’ve had for those moments. What I’ve enjoyed the most is the camaraderie amongst the team and the support we’ve given each other. 

I can also never forget the launch of the BioArchive System back in 1998. I joined the ThermoGenesis team just before then, so to see the culmination of that product, and all of the things we’ve done with it since then is really something special.


What Drew You to The Opportunity to Work With ThermoGenesis?

ThermoGenesis represented the opportunity to work at a smaller company and make an impact by streamlining internal processes. I am a CPA and was brought on to put together the original budget for the company, so I really felt the direct correlation between what I was doing and the growth of the organization, which was very rewarding. 

Now, after seeing the company transform over the last two decades, I’ve realized the impact we’ve had on the industry and really appreciate the work that we’ve done.


What Has Been the Most Rewarding Part of Your Time With ThermoGenesis?

Working with some incredible people! Over the last 20 years, I’ve built relationships with co-workers within the organization, and been a part of developing life-saving technologies, bringing in the financing to invest in the research and development side of the business. It has been incredibly rewarding.


What Would You Say is the Ultimate Mission Behind What ThermoGenesis Does?

The ultimate mission behind ThermoGenesis is developing life-saving technologies – from our plasma freezers and thawers to the BioArchive System, AXP System, and now our X-SERIES line of products – we’ve created and distributed products that provide regenerative medicine solutions to people all over the world.


Where Do You See ThermoGenesis in The Next 35 Years?

Although it’s impossible to know the extent to which medical care will change over the next few decades, I believe ThermoGenesis will continue to shift and adapt to the evolving ways in which we treat diseases by developing innovative technologies for the field of regenerative medicine.

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