Transfer/Freezing Bag Set

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Designed for processing and freezing cord blood stem cells by the method developed at the New York Blood Center. 1, 2* Each sterile set consists of two transfer bags and a two-compartment, three-dimensional 25 mL freezing bag joined by integral tubing and two connector lines (one spike and one luer).



  • Two transfer bags, 200 and 150 mL. The 200 mL transfer bag concentrates primary stem cell-rich plasma while the 150 mL transfer bag receives the supernatant plasma from the concentrated stem cells.1, 2* 
  • Freezing bag is compatible with liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage. The three-dimensional bag design ensures a homogenous, controlled freezing rate for maximum cell viability.
  • Freezing bag is uniquely compatible with the use of DMSO/Dextran and liquid nitrogen storage in The BioArchive® System.
  • Freezing bag’s two separable compartments allow for a 4:1 division of contents, allowing a consistent volume aliquot for ex vivo cell expansion.
  • Freezing bag is compliant with AABB Standard for integral segments cryopreserved with product, enabling confirmatory testing prior to transfusion.
  • Addition of cryopreservative solution can be accomplished by either gravity feed or syringe pump.




**SOP available at the EMMES website:

1 Rubinstein, P.; Dobrila, L.; Rosenfield, R.E.; Adamson, J.W.; Migliaccio, G.; Migliaccio, A.R.; Taylor, P.E.; Stevens, C.E. Processing and Cryopreservation of Placental/Umbilical Cord Blood for Unrelated Bone Marrow Reconstitution. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 1995, Oct 24;92(22):10119-22.

2 Fraser, J.K.; Cairo, M.S.; Wagner, E.L.; McCurdy, P.R.; Baxter-Lowe, L.A.; Carter, S.L.; Kernan, N.A.; Lill, M.C.; Slone, V.; Wagner, J.E .; Wallas, C.H.; Kurtzberg, J. Cord Blood Transplantation Study (COBLT): Cord Blood Bank Standard Operating Procedures. Journal of Hematotherapy. 1998, 7(6):521-61.

Information and photo courtesy of Pall Corp.

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