Combining Microbubbles & Cell Sorting for Quick & Efficient Cell Isolation

Microbubbles for Cell Sorting

Preparing cell samples is an essential part of achieving success in cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Achieving high-quality results requires that samples be pure, with high viability and free of any damage caused by harsh retrieval techniques. Current cell isolation techniques can be time-consuming and cause stress to cell samples, which is why there is a demand for gentle, rapid, and effective cell separation techniques. One solution is the use of microbubbles in target cell isolation

Microbubbles in CGT Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Preserving the viability of cell samples is an essential part of cell therapy manufacturing. In order to accomplish this, samples must be treated with the utmost care to minimize any risks of damage. Traditionally, microbubbles have been used in clinical settings for transport of extremely small particles. Using them in cell separation saves medical professionals valuable time and money, as cell separation is conducted more efficiently. The more cost-effective the cell manufacturing process can be, the more affordable the price of treatment for the end-user can eventually be. 

How are Microbubbles used in Cellular Manufacturing?

Microbubbles are miniature, gas-filled bubbles. Their size and structure allow for the separation of rare, fragile cells. Microbubbles rely on buoyancy – the force that allows less dense molecules to float in liquid –  to carry out their function. They have to be in the perfect sweet spot between being strong enough to float while attached to a cell, and gentle enough to avoid any damage to the cell’s viability.

Cell Isolation Through Centrifugation of Buoyant Microbubbles

By combining an inexpensive cell separation technique such as centrifugation, microbubbles can separate the target cell population from a mixture of cells.  We combine biotinylated antibody linked to the cells to bind streptavidin conjugated microbubbles. When microbubbles are centrifuged, due to increased buoyancy of target cells due to attached microbubbles, aided by centrifugal force,  samples can be quickly, efficiently obtained with high purity.

ThermoGenesis Offers BACS Cell Therapy Manufacturing Solutions

ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc. offers a technology solution for cell separation with its X-BACS mini selection kit. This novel technology isolates and purifies a cell type from a mixed population. It is simple to execute and provides great cell recovery, purity, and viability while also offering scalability. ThermoGenesis is also building a state-of-the-art facility with CDMO capabilities to help address the ever-evolving manufacturing needs of organizations in the cell therapy field. Contact us today to learn more.

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