CDMO: The Rise of End-to-End Services

Cell Therapy Manufacturing

The use of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) services has risen in recent years due to challenges associated with cell manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies derive many benefits from working with an experienced CDMO partner who can help navigate the process of scaling and commercializing a product, and this practice is becoming increasingly popular. In addition, an extension of CDMO services is on the rise, where CDMO companies offer end-to-end cell manufacturing services.


What are End-to-End Services in Cell Therapy CDMO?

End-to-End services is a trend in which CDMO companies offer complete services, as opposed to à la carte, or piecemeal. In this trend, pharmaceutical companies can simply go to one partner to get an all-in-one alternative solution to challenges faced during the cell manufacturing process.


The Importance of End-to-End Services in the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process

A partnership with an experienced CDMO alleviates some of the challenges that cell and gene therapy companies experience during the manufacturing process. However, it also creates a new set of difficulties. For example, when companies have to go to multiple vendors, it can create a new set of communication challenges. Having to direct and oversee the development and execution of a product over several different locations can often present multiple points for the entire process to veer off course. Working with a single partner streamlines the cell manufacturing process, making communication smoother, along with several other benefits.


A More Efficient Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process

By working with one CDMO partner, cell and gene therapy companies are able to identify and relieve any bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, reducing the time it takes to get a product to the clinic. Additionally, all of the knowledge and expertise shared between the pharma company and the CDMO can continue to be shared, eventually leading to the development of more efficient and effective processes.


Upgraded Cell and Gene Therapy Technologies

As new drugs are being developed, the demand for newer, more advanced technologies is on the rise. A partnership with a CDMO that provides end-to-end services means that pharma companies are able to utilize their more advanced technology, and thus better able to produce on a larger scale, meeting the demands of a growing industry.


Trust Between the Pharma Company and CDMO Partner

Pharmaceutical companies who partner with a CDMO are entrusting them with their valuable research and confidential information. In order for the partnership to flourish, the pharmaceutical company must allow the CDMO to do its job without micromanagement. Partnering with an end-to-end service provider allows for the development of a trusting relationship.


ThermoGenesis and Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO

ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc. offers global infrastructure and proprietary technologies to help alleviate some of the challenges that developers of cell and gene therapies face. State of the art  technologies like the PXP-SERIES offer automated solutions for stem cell concentration, cell separation, giving medical professionals peace of mind knowing they are providing their patients high-quality cells for the best possible results. The company also offers a smart storage solution for the cell therapy manufacturing process with the BioArchive System. 

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