35 Years of ThermoGenesis: A Timeline of Events

Throughout our 35-year history, ThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc. has undergone a variety of changes. However, through it all, we’ve never strayed from the heart of our mission which is to provide the world with quality automated cell processing technologies and solutions. 35 years ago, Halley’s Comet last visited the Milky Way, Oprah Winfrey debuted her national … Continued

Immunotherapies Used to Treat Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease according to the CDC. There are many kinds, but what they all have in common is that they start because of out-of-control growth of abnormal cells. For decades, scientists and medical professionals have researched this disease, and while a cure … Continued

The History of Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies are overlapping fields of research and treatments. While both aim to treat and potentially cure diseases, they have slightly differing approaches and have different historical backgrounds. Due to growing interest surrounding this field, the general public still has much to learn and understand about each of these potentially life-saving therapies.  Below, … Continued

Experimental Cell Therapies for COVID-19

More than a year after the onset of the global pandemic, the COVID-19 virus is still affecting the lives of people all around the world. While more is known about the illness today compared to 12 months ago, there is still no known cure. The start of the pandemic generated a flurry of clinical trials, … Continued

Current and Future Approaches to Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is treatment that uses parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases. This can take the form of stimulating the natural effects of a patient’s immune system so that it works harder and smarter to attack cancerous cells. In the last few decades, immunotherapy has played an important role in the treatment of … Continued

ThermoGenesis Leadership & Growth Throughout the Decades

Creating something that doesn’t exist, especially if it solves a real-world problem, will put a business on the map. However, having the ability to adapt to the needs of the industry and respond to changes in real time is what will ensure that the business is sustainable. In other words, innovation gets you in the … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions About Cell and Gene Therapies

Cell and gene therapy are relatively new forms of medical treatment, having only been developed about 30 years ago. As such, there is a lot that the general public has yet to understand about these practices. Here, we answer the most commonly asked questions about cell and gene therapies.   What is Cell Therapy? Cell … Continued

The Successes and Challenges of CAR T-cell Therapy 

The four pillars of cancer treatment have always been surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy. Recently, there have been developments leading to what scientists and medical professionals are referring to as the fifth pillar — immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy, or therapy that utilizes a patient’s own immune system to help illnesses, has been proven to be … Continued

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate vs. Surgical Intervention

From injuries that can happen in an instant to normal wear-and-tear from physical activity over time, when there is something wrong with your joints or ligaments, it can cause discomfort and pain that can severely disrupt your way of life. Sometimes, the best way to correct these issues is through surgery, but many physicians will … Continued

The Role Testing Plays in the Management of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Testing has played one of the most crucial roles in managing this current global COVID-19 pandemic so far. From helping identify active cases, to tracking those who have been infected and, ultimately, mitigating the spread. Throughout the history of modern medicine, testing has been one of the main tools public health officials have turned to … Continued

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